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We offer you the longest limo hire in Croatia for your festive occasions:

  • wedding ceremony
  • hens ‘and stags  party
  • birthday celebrations
  • weekend out
  • various festive events
  • business transport
  • promotion
  • tourist drives
  • shooting spots, movies, commercials
  • city tour

For these and all other occasions, our vehicle and drivers are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Limousine Lincoln Navigator – gives you a special atmosphere, originality, attractiveness and luxury at the best prices.
We guarantee you top-notch service with guaranteed discretion on your request.


After filling out the booking form, we will contact you by phone or email.
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Feel the luxury and the combination of driving and fun in one place. An unforgettable perfection of enjoyment.


1a) All arrangements are pre-arranged only and must be confirmed within 7 days with a deposit not less than 40% of the total amount before they are accepted as valid arrangements unless confirmed by a prior agreement.
1b) Full payment must be paid no later than the start of the arrangement. If payment is not received, the arrangement is automatically canceled and the deposit is retained.
2) In case of cancellation by the Lessee, the amount of paid deposit is retained. However, in the case of unavoidable circumstances such as hospitalization or death, there is a possibility of returning the deposit as a discretionary right of the Lessee.
3) We do not take responsibility for adverse weather conditions (snow, floods, etc.) which may lead to the delay or cancellation of the arrangement by the Lessee.
4) Since all measures have been taken to ensure that the vehicles are regularly serviced, we do not take responsibility for the mechanical, electrical or material defects caused by the cause. If it comes to such a case, everything will be done to carry out an emergency repair of the vehicle so that the journey can continue, In the event of the inability to continue the trip the Lessee will be refunded the entire amount (paid up to then).
5) Alcoholic beverages provided by the Lessee may only be consumed in the vehicle and shall not be carried out at any time. The Lessee is not allowed to supply his drinks unless it is determined by special arrangement with the Lessee where the charge is charged by an additional charge (by arrangement) per vehicle.

6) The charterer (as signed) is fully liable for any damage from outside and within the vehicle that is produced by him and / or the foreign person from his company caused for any reason. This includes the participation of any third party, resulting in damage to the vehicle or its contents. The lessor agrees to be liable for the total cost of the repair, and the Lessee will determine the location of the repair.
7) The Lessor or Driver reserves the right to refuse to let any person he / she considers unsuitable for any reason to be in the vehicle and may refuse to continue the journey if the person behaves improperly towards other persons, vehicle or vehicle contents. In that case, the money will not be refunded.
8) Any additional requirements or modifications to the arrangement (eg, different positions, change in direction of movement that cause more mileage or longer) may not be warranted. Although everything will be done to meet the wishes of the Lessee, it can also cause additional costs for it.
9) Once the arrangement has been concluded and confirmed, and the deposit is paid, the cost of the Lessee will no longer be subject to change unless the details of the arrangement have been changed.
10) The Lessor’s Discretion will be adopted by the Rental Partner and their decision is fully binding on all matters.  


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